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hamartia's Journal

19 March

"Everything Is Everything
What is meant to be will be
After winter must come spring
Change it comes eventually" - Hill

2600 magazine, acronyms, american high, andy goldsworthy, ani difranco, animals, arthurian legend, b.b. king, batman returns, being barefoot, being overly secretive, björk, blood, bones, britcoms, burt's bees lip balm, cake, cartoons, chocolate torte, collections, confusion, crotch level guitars, crying, cursing, death by chocolate, deep forest, deery lou, diy, djarum blacks, electronica, embroidery, estro v2.0, faeries, feathers, fiona apple, flat toothpicks, flowers, foil fencing, forests, francesca lia block, fruit, fucking myself over, gaelic, garbage, gardening, great big sea, having been home-schooled, hello kitty, hole, hollering, html, italy, jah love, jumping the gun, kissing at stoplights, knitting, labyrinths, learning other languages, letters to cleo, lisa loeb, lithuania, liz phair, looking wild, loreena mckennitt, love, make-up, marion zimmer bradley, mechanical pencils, medicinal herbs, medieval studies, missing angel juan, moby, monty python's flying circus, moonstones, moonstruck, mountains, music in general, my cats, my friends, my teeth, my uneven toes, newts, nick drake, night, night blooming flowers, non-verbal communication, not sleeping, not speaking, nutella, obsessing, open-mike night, orbital, p.j. harvey, pandas, photograph manipulation, pi, pie, poe, popsicles, pre-raphaelite art, rabbit in the moon, raidohead, reading, red dwarf, red hot chili peppers, revlon vixen nailpolish, rock and or roll, running, sage mountain, salamanders, salt, scarletfuck, screaming, shells, silverfuck, sleater-kinney, smiling with my eyes, sulamith wulfing, sushi, suzanne vega, swimming in freshwater, teeth, television, the afro-celt soundsystem, the blues, the chiffons, the donnas, the eyeliners, the hippie life, the little prince, the moon, the pen15 club, the simpsons, the tea party, the tick, tigers, tracy bonham, tracy chapman, trees, tricky, unrequited love, veruca salt, violins, virgin/slut products, weston a. price, wings, wolverine, writing, xenadrine rfa-1, yelling