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the list o'christ

Sabbath Slippers
Follow The Leader - long-sleeve T
In Strange We Trust T
Beck - Sea Change
Girl on the Bridge VHS
Oopsy, I said the F-word. T shirt
Today I Feel Mad T
I forgot to Swim t
Smart T-shirt
Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around
Hello Kitty
Baby Cinnamon
My Melody
My Little Twin Stars
Deery Lou
bubble bath
knitting studios gift certificate
Multiple Intelligences: The Theory in Practice
Pretty hair things, no clips, only pins, flowers or insects
The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician
new watch

updated daily since 1975
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That list sure is good, and I very much enjoy your icon.
Shpank you very much!
you should come to philly 2600
Yes, in theory I should.
practice im working on a doct and need to interview people i would like to interview you
hi there. your toque is lovely!
devevre suggested we might enjoy each other's journals.
i've added you to my friend's list. catch you later, maybe?
~ logan
How have you been?
You are hamartia, I am _hamartia. I really like the word and use it every chance it get in English class. Your list is pretty shnazy!
yo, I'm alyssa, and I'd like to invite you to my new rating community, whore_dolls. It's a rating community for a slightly alternative crowd, and I'd definitely like you to try it out.
have a ball,

p.s. be sure to check the info page for rules and such.
Just wanted to say happy birthday